Our Team

Mark Salvatore

Current pharmacy owner who started working at the pharmacy as a teenager before going to pharmacy school.

Dick Salvatore

Original owner of Lewistown Pharmacy has been a pharmacist in Lewistown since 1958.

Irene Kratzer

Started at the pharmacy in 1968 and has worked there off and on for the past 50 years.

Angela Chilson, RPh

Lewistown native who started at the pharmacy as a clerk before going to Duquesne School of Pharmacy and graduating in 1998.

Pam Bailor

Granville native and valued pharmacy clerk for 22 years.

Tina Osborne

Also a 22-year employee with Lewistown Pharmacy and grandmother of three, including a set of twins.

Tara Smith

The primary delivery person for the pharmacy as well as a 15-year employee and pharmacy clerk.

Tawna Nealman

One of the newer employees at Lewistown Pharmacy who resides in Juniata County.

Julie Swanger

Part time pharmacy clerk and Lewistown native, who is the most recent addition to the pharmacy staff.